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How Many Wedding Cars do you Need?

Deciding how many wedding car hires you need for your wedding day can be a challenging experience for any couple during wedding planning—but the following tips and tricks can help you plan your wedding transportation effectively. Whether you’re planning for how to transport your wedding party to the ceremony location, or arranging transportation to a variety of photography shooting locations and venues throughout the day, deciding how many wedding cars needed takes special consideration.

Start with your overall transportation budget

You may want everyone at your wedding to arrive by horse-drawn carriage, but you need to consider your total transportation budget when assessing how many wedding cars you will need. Your budget will also help you decide whether you want to transport all of the wedding guests to different venues and locations throughout the day, or if you only want the wedding car hire to be a feature item used to transport only the wedding party to the wedding ceremony, or the bride and groom to their hotel after the reception.

Than Determine How Many People You’ll Be Transporting?

Whether you will only be transporting the wedding party to the ceremony or will be arranging transport between multiple venues for each wedding guest, transportation needs for your wedding can vary widely. Determining how many wedding cars you need with wedding ribbon decoration is largely based on the total number of guess you will be transporting at different points during the day.

And How Many People Need To Ride In Each Wedding Car?

Determining how many people will be riding in each vehicle is also a consideration. Will you be renting separate cars for each group of 4 wedding guests or would a mini-bus or limo service that can carry multiple guests be a more suitable option? If you are transporting 100 wedding guests from the ceremony to the reception, would 2 large coach buses be the most effective option? Your individual needs, budget and style of your wedding will determine how many people you will have in each vehicle, and how many vehicles you will need in total.

Also Consider If You Require Different Cars For Different Events During The Day

Depending on how your wedding day is structured and the different venues and locations that will be used for the ceremony, reception and photographs, you may find that you need multiple different wedding car hires. Perhaps you want to arrive at the reception with your wedding party in a vintage Rolls Royce, but also need to transport your wedding guests across town for the reception. After the reception, maybe you and your new spouse want to drive off into the sunset in your favourite classic car, while the guests are returned to their hotels in charted limos. In addition, it’s important to ensure you are mindful of wedding guests with specific accessibility needs.

Regardless of how many wedding cars you need for your wedding, various wedding car hire services can help you with how to tie wedding ribbons and determine which cars in their fleet of vehicles would best suit the style of your wedding and your individual travel requirements between venues throughout the day.

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