7 Uniquely Fun Wedding Theme Ideas

Choosing a fun wedding theme is an excellent way for wedding couples to express their personalities and make the wedding distinct from other traditional wedding styles. Fun wedding themes can range from Gatsby-themed to Disney-themed and everything in between. Let your imagination guide you as you choose your fun wedding theme. Here are some of the most popular fun wedding themes to help inspire your special day!

Lets start with an Alien Themed Wedding

Alien-themed weddings are an ideal choice for couples who love science fiction and outer space. Alien-theme weddings are often styled to resemble space, with backdrops and décor featuring galaxies, planets, and stars. Alien themes are also a trendy addition to wedding photographs, with members of the wedding party wearing alien masks or costumes for some of the pictures. Alien-themed weddings also feature space-themed food, like a spaceship wedding cake with an alien cake topper.

Moving To A Romantic Disney Themed Wedding

Disney wedding themes are ideal for couples who are fans of one of Disney’s 70 animated feature films. From Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty to Toy Story and Finding Nemo, Disney-themed weddings incorporate elements of classic films into the ceremony, reception, and photographs. Trending features of Disney-themed weddings include cartoon-style wedding cakes, Disney Princess costumes, and the wedding couple arriving at the ceremony in Cinderella’s carriage.

Or A Fun 1900’s Gatsby Themed Wedding

A Gatsby-themed wedding is a popular choice for couples looking for an extravagant, over-the-top, fun wedding theme. Styling for Gatsby-themed weddings includes a gold, silver, and black colour palette, décor items with pearl and crystal accents, and an assortment of white flowers. Jazz is the ideal music choice, and champagne is often a featured beverage. Attire for Gatsby-themed weddings includes “black-tie” for men and flapper style for ladies.

To A Wizardary Harry Potter Themed Wedding

Whether you are team Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin, a Harry Potter-themed wedding is a creative way for wedding couples to express their personalities and love of the Potterverse. Popular styling for Harry Potter themed weddings include wizard and magic themes, candles and chandeliers, and custom cocktails that resemble magic potions or elixirs.

Moving To An Italian Mafia Wedding Theme

An Italian mafia wedding theme could be the ideal choice if you’re a fan of films and TV series like The Godfather, Goodfellas, and The Sopranos! This theme is all about the food. Buffet-style Italian feasts including antipasto platters of fine meats and cheeses like prosciutto and Pecorino Romano, lasagne and baked ziti, braciola and pizzaiola, and a selection of desserts like cannoli and tiramisu.

Or A Comic Book Themed Wedding

Whether you’re a fan of the Marvel or D.C. universe, a comic book-themed wedding is ideal for wedding couples looking to add a bit of superhero styling to their special day. From guests dressed up as their favourite action heroes to comic book-themed centrepieces and décor, this theme is big on bright, bold colours and unique lighting. Laser beams and strobe lighting are popular choices for the reception dance, while wedding cakes and grooms cakes can be designed with a comic book motif or in the shape of your favourite characters.

To A Terrifyingly Fun Dinosaur Wedding Theme

Are you looking for “something old” to include in your wedding festivities? A dinosaur-themed wedding is a perfect way to remember the past while celebrating your future as a couple. Dinosaur-themed weddings are often styled to have a more natural, jungle feel—a place where dinosaurs would feel at home. Design features include dinosaur-shaped wedding favours and green wedding cakes with “scaly” dinosaur skin fondant frosting. Food choices at dinosaur-themed weddings are oversized, with brontosaurus ribs (BBQ beef ribs), pterodactyl legs (smoked turkey legs), or dino-egg desserts made from Italian meringue.

Whichever fun wedding theme you choose, your wedding invitations should match and include information about your theme. You can request your guests to dress to match the overall theme of the ceremony and reception—but make sure they also know that it’s optional.

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