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How to Tie Wedding Ribbon on Cars

Decorating your car for a wedding is a fun way to add style and flair to your special day. From large bows and ribbon to reams of streamers, there’s nothing like seeing a parade of cars decorated for a wedding coming down the lane. Depending on the types of ribbon you use, the look you are going for and the type of wedding car hire you will be using for wedding transportation, there are a variety of methods that show how to tie wedding ribbon on cars.

Ensure that your wedding car hire service allows you to decorate

Decorating your wedding car hire is a great way to add character and individuality to your wedding. Before you grab your tape and twist-ties, however, contact your wedding car hire to make sure they allow for decorations to be affixed to the exterior of the car. Many wedding car rental services in Sydney allow for decorations, and they may even provide car decoration services as part of their wedding transportation packages. Just make sure to confirm with them prior to tying wedding ribbon on the car.

Decide on a color pallet and type of ribbon.

There are a variety of ribbon types and colours you can choose when selecting the right wedding ribbon to tie on cars. From velveteen ribbon tied in an enormous hood bow to large swaths of tulle ribbon draped over the roof and gathered into a trailing bow over the back window, there are many options to suit your needs, your theme and the style you are looking for. Crepe paper in your wedding colours, often draped in streaming ribbons, is a classic option for wedding decorations on cars. Select your colour, make a trip to the craft or fabric store and let your imagination guide you!

For Wedding Ribbons On Car Hoods

Hood decorations can be affixed to the wedding car by attaching a large bow to the grill of the car (we recommend using velvet or silicon covered twist-ties) and extending the ribbon up over the hood. The ribbon draped over the hood is then attached to the car’s side mirrors in decorative bows.

To Wedding Ribbons on Rear Car Boots

Adding wedding car decorations to the back of your car is ideal because you can simply drape your ribbons, bows or even tin cans from the trunk and close it to securely attach it. For an added wow-factor, you can also use ribbon to frame messages printed on the back window. Low-tack tape is an ideal way to attach pieces of ribbon to the window.

And Decorations For the Car Window

One of the easiest ways to decorate wedding cars using ribbon is to hang ribbons like streamers from the windows. To tie wedding ribbon on car windows, simply cut 2-3 inch wide pieces of ribbon to varying lengths, from 3 feet to 8 feet long. Place them over the edge of the open windows with 6 inches of the ribbon overhanging into the car. Roll up the windows to catch the ribbon in the closed window to tightly secure it.

These techniques for how to tie wedding ribbon on cars can help you add a splash of style to your wedding day transport.

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