The Purpose Of This Policy

To ensure all employees, contractors and third parties respect the privacy of all individuals and businesses.


Host Events are bound by the Privacy Act 1988. Host Events are committed to protecting the privacy of our clients, employees, agents and all individual/company engaged with us. We ensure that any and all information collected by our business will be protected and only used for the purposes for which is relevant.

Collection of Information

So we can perform our business activities and functions and to provide the best possible quality of service to you. To comply with any law or regulation and/or in cooperation with any government authority. We will collect data through the means of email, post, website cookies, advertisement responses, clients, government agencies, and any other third party we engage in.


While Host Events will maintain confidentiality, any clients or employees information may be used for the purpose to confirm your application details with a third party. No third party will be contacted without first receiving permission from the employee or client.

Our Commitment

Host Events is committed to:
  • Adopting principles to protect personal information of our employees, clients, contractors or any individual/company engaged with us.
  • Ensure our personnel adhere to this policy.
  • Ensure all personnel, agents or contractors are aware of this policy.
  • Investigate any misuse of information, and take corrective action to prevent any reoccurrence.

Non-compliance Of This Policy

Where you believe there is a non-compliance with the Privacy Act 1988:
  • Individuals will complain directly to Host Events
  • Where the complaint is not resolved, the Privacy Commissioner can intervene.
  • The company may be required to pay damages or ordered to take specific action such as issuing a public apology or trade practice penalties could be imposed.

More Information

You can contact a Host Events consultant for more information via email at