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Fresh or Fake? Best Options for Wedding Flowers

When many people think of weddings, the first thing that comes to mind are the flowers. Whether you have elaborate floral arrangements and bridal bouquets at the ceremony or decorate your venue and reception tables with bunches of blooms, flowers are an essential part of any wedding. Deciding on the look of your flowers is one thing, but how do you decide between fresh or fake flowers? These tips can help you decide if fresh or fake florals are the best option for your wedding day.

Ask yourself what flowers mean to you?

Taking a moment to outline what flowers mean to you, as well as how they fit into the style and feel of your wedding, is an important first step in deciding whether to choose fresh or fake florals. Flowers are a traditional wedding decoration, but understanding the look you’re going for will make the decision much easier.

Than review your wedding flower budget

Your overall wedding budget and the amount you have set aside for wedding flowers is an important factor in deciding if you should choose fresh or fake florals. Depending on your budget and the style of your wedding, you may find that fresh flowers are more appropriate—they reflect a sense of luxury and elegance and emit lovely aromas that add to your occasion. Fresh flowers are definitely more expensive than fake flowers, so keep that in mind. Fake flowers are much less expensive than fresh flowers, and the price range for different materials can also vary greatly. Whether you choose paper or thin foam petal flowers or splurge on ornate silk flowers, fake flowers are an excellent option for wedding flowers because they fit into any budget.

And if your preferred flowers are in season

Weddings are popular any time of year, and couples want the ability to decorate with wedding floral arrangements regardless of when they are having their ceremony. Fresh flowers are beautiful in any season and are even more stunning when the flowers are chosen based on their seasonal availability. Although flowers can be flown in from different locations around the world, making fresh flowers available any time of year can send your budget soaring! Fake flowers, however, allow you to select any type of flower regardless of whether or not they are in season. An added benefit of fake florals for weddings is they can be placed outside in the winter or during bad weather without fear of them getting wilted or damaged.

But don’t foget if you have flower allergies

Fresh wedding flowers are gorgeous and many varieties smell wonderful, but flowers tend to cause issues for people with seasonal allergies. One of the primary benefits of fake flowers for a wedding is that they are hypoallergenic. You don’t have to worry about the bridesmaids sneezing over their bouquets at the wedding ceremony, or worry about where guests with flower sensitivities are seated during the reception.

Or if you want flowers for keepsakes or favours

A portion of the wedding budget is often allocated for wedding favours—it’s important for many couples to send their guests off from the reception with a keepsake from the event. A benefit of dried flowers for a wedding is that you can decorate your reception tables with several smaller floral arrangements and send the arrangements home as wedding favours. Fresh flowers can also be used as wedding favours—although they won’t last as long as wedding flowers dried.

Whether you choose fresh or fake flowers on your wedding day, one thing is for certain: no wedding is complete without decorative wedding floral arrangements and bridal bouquets.

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