12+ Different Wedding Theme Ideas For My Wedding

Deciding on the theme for your wedding is one of the most exciting and fun part of the wedding planning process. Wedding themes reflect the personalities of the wedding couple, and set the tone for the day’s festivities, as well as a lifetime of memories.
There are as many different wedding theme ideas as there are brides, but there are classic, timeless, and trending wedding options to suit any vision you have for your wedding day.

Starting with a Classic Wedding Theme

From a simple and elegant wedding dress to understated and traditional decor, classic wedding style is more popular than ever. Features of classic wedding styles include white and silver decor, a simple and elegant wedding dress and  understated venue options like crisp white tents for outdoor weddings or classic, elegant ballrooms for indoor receptions. Decor options are often streamlined and minimalist, and white and silver or white and gold are common colour choices. Classic wedding style often includes a church ceremony and traditional garden photographs. Classic wedding receptions can also feature a selection of timeless love songs and pop songs that are known for getting guests dancing.

To A Rising Popular Country Wedding Theme

A country wedding is ideal for couples that want to incorporate the rural and wholesome aesthetic into their wedding design theme. Country weddings can be held outdoor or indoors, and often incorporate a combination of the two. From a ceremony in a farmer’s field to a reception in a converted barn, country weddings are quickly becoming a favourite wedding theme for Australian couples. Popular features of country weddings include hay rides for guests, live country music, and a catered BBQ menu. Click here for more country wedding theme ideas

And A Slice of Modern Wedding Theme

Modern wedding themes tend to be high on style. If you love fashion, art, the Avant Garde or even the minimalist aesthetic, a modern wedding theme may be perfect option for you. In the age of Instagram, modern wedding themes are trending because they allow couples to fully embrace their style and make a statement that is truly their own. Common modern wedding themes can include bright, bold colours, minimalist decor, geometric shapes and patterns, and the integration of technical elements like timed LED light shows or holographic floral arrangements.

Now A Different Wedding Theme Idea that’s A Little Rustic

Rustic weddings have quickly become one of the most popular wedding themes for today’s engaged couples. Rustic weddings are great for those couples who love the vintage, retro, and antique aesthetic. Design features of rustic weddings include the use of recycled wood and barnboard, vintage lace and ribbon, as well as canvas, burlap, and linen fabrics. Rustic weddings are great for frugal couples or those who have a small budgets because of the availability of rustic items at op shops or at yard sales. From centrepieces made from old mason jars to outdoor dance areas lit by antique lanterns, a rustic wedding theme may be perfect for your wedding day. Click here for more rustic wedding theme ideas

But If You Like To Stand, Here’s A Cocktail Wedding Theme

Different wedding themes suit different budgets, different times of the year, and also the style of wedding and reception you prefer. Cocktail weddings are ideal for couples that are looking for a more informal, intimate wedding. Cocktail weddings typically take place at sunset, or during the “cocktail hour”. This makes for stunning wedding photographs and also creates great ambiance with outdoor lighting in the evening. Features of a cocktail wedding often include appetizer and dessert menus, signature cocktails, and monogrammed wedding cupcakes. Click here for more cocktail wedding theme ideas

Or Watching The Waves Crash With A Beach Wedding Theme

One of the most beautiful and romantic places to get married is on the beach. With crashing waves and stunning water views, beach weddings are ideal for couples who love the outdoors and the seaside. Beach weddings are particularly popular for elopements and destination weddings. During beach weddings, you can also incorporate a “sand ceremony” into your vows or toss flower blooms into the ocean after you exchange “I Do’s”. Beach-themed objects like shells and sand dollars can also be used as décor or wedding favours. Click here for more beach wedding theme ideas

Although If Your Looking For A Fun Wedding Theme

Your wedding day is considered one of the most important days of your life—but that doesn’t mean it has to be completely serious. Planning a “fun” wedding means being at the whim of your creativity, and embracing subjects or themes that are meaningful to you and enjoyable for both you and your guests. There are no rules when it comes to planning a fun wedding. Some couples choose to have their wedding ceremony in a fun location like an amusement park or zoo. Other choose to have fun themes like a carnival or even their favourite movies and TV shows like Star Trek or Game of Thrones. Weddings with fun themes are often the most memorable and also make for interesting and unique wedding albums. Click here for more fun wedding theme ideas

Possibly A Different Touch Of Formality In Your Wedding Theme

A formal wedding theme is ideal for couples who want a sophisticated and elegant wedding. Formal weddings are often black-tie affairs, with all guests wearing formal attire. Formal weddings usually take place over the course of a few days, with events and activities planned for family and friends at a variety of locations. Formal weddings often include a full rehearsal dinner, hen and buck parties, wedding breakfast, and the ceremony and reception on the wedding day. Formal weddings are also known for their banquet-style plated dinners and fine beverage offerings such as quality wines, spirits, and champagne.

Or Just A Glimmering Chic Wedding Theme

A chic wedding theme is an ideal choice for couples who prefer a sparse and minimalist aesthetic. Chic wedding design often features clean lines, minimalist décor, and a white/ivory or monochromatic colour palette. With a chic wedding theme, wedding planners pay attention to the streamlining the details of the wedding to make it feel as elegant and seamless as possible. From the clean, crisp, white linens on the banquet tables to the modern and sleek silhouette of your wedding dress, the look of a chic wedding is simple with understated elegance. Flowers for chic weddings tend to be white, with simple shapes and textures, such as bright white calla lilies or classic pale pink roses.

Maybe You Love To Hold A Garden Wedding Theme

If you love the outdoors and being surrounded by nature, a garden wedding is the perfect option. Garden weddings are most popular in the late spring and early summer and tend to have a more relaxed and casual vibe. Garden weddings often include white tents and the food selections tend to favour grilled meats and vegetables, cold salads, as well as a variety of teas and cakes. Garden wedding themes are also ideal for wedding photographs and wedding videos because of the beautiful natural surroundings, lush foliage, and brightly coloured flowers.

Or A Boho Wedding Theme for a difference

Bohemian wedding themes, also known as “Boho weddings”, tend to have a feeling of casual elegance and a free-spirited nature. Bohemian wedding themes usually feature a carefree and mismatched aesthetic. Popular details of Bohemian weddings include unique ceremony locations like dense forests or seaside shores and design features like lace, muted ribbon, and natural wild flowers are common. Acoustic music is also a popular feature of Bohemian weddings with many couples favouring a gentle processional march played on the guitar during the ceremony and a live band for the reception.

But A Vintage Wedding Theme will Set An Era

Everything old is new again, and vintage wedding themes are growing in popularity across Australia. Technically, “vintage” means anything more than 20 years old. Vintage themes can range from the 1970’s disco era or 1950’s Rock-and-Roll period to the 1810’s Regency era or even medieval time periods. Vintage wedding themes are trending because they allow couples to easily incorporate older elements into their décor, venue, food, and even their wedding attire. Vintage wedding themes are also popular with budget-conscious couples because many vintage items can be purchased inexpensively from op-shops or yard sales. Vintage weddings are also a great way to incorporate “something old” or “something borrowed” into your wedding day.

Or Come Back With A Traditional Wedding Theme

When many couples think about their wedding day, their minds automatically go to the traditional elements that will make their special day memorable. Traditional wedding themes often begin with a church ceremony, followed by a reception in a banquet hall or other formal venue. Traditional weddings usually include a wedding party with at least 3 bridesmaids and 3 groomsmen, along with flower girls, ring bearers, and ushers. The traditional theme also extends to the reception with the classic “first dance”, mother/son and father/daughter dances, garter ceremony, and tossing of the bouquet. Traditional wedding décor includes classic elements like fresh flowers, candlelight, and the incorporation of metallics like silver and gold.

With the wide variety of different wedding theme ideas available for couples, it’s easier than ever to plan your wedding to suit your personal style. Check out our full range of wedding themes

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