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40 Ideas for your 40th Birthday Party

40+ things to do for your 40th Birthday

Forty is definitely the new thirty, and though there is the dread of getting a few grey hairs and gravity starting to pull at your body, you have accomplished so much in your mere forty years on this earth. You’ve learnt a lot, ditched the tequila shots and replaced it with wine, you might have got yourself a mortgage and you no longer wake up with your head in the kebab you forgot you had ordered the night before. These are all small wins that have shaped you into the person you are today, and you should stand with your head held high because you have made it this far, and you are still here upright, which in itself is a call for a celebration.

If the very thought of turning forty is overwhelming, to the point where you are telling friends that the mention of your age is as forbidden as Voldermort’s name in Harry Potter, why not take the added pressure off the big day, by scrolling through the list of fun, exciting activities and selecting one, or two or seven, to take your mind off of things and enjoy celebrating as much as you can. You are, as they say, only as old as you behave.

Foodie things to do for your 40th

If you find yourself watching cooking shows more can you care to admit and are always buying new appliances for your kitchen to try out new recipes, it’s no surprise you would probably want to incorporate your passion for food into your birthday celebrations. Have no fear, we have provided a list dedicated to the foodie lovers out there, so you can commemorate your fortieth doing what you enjoy most. And if you want to relax, consider having a birthday party catering provided to you by a professional.

High Tea

High tea screams elegance, poise and finger licking good food. If you are a sucker for cute finger food and a good reason to get glammed up, then a high tea is idyllic for this fortieth birthday. Think scones, little cakes, sipping on tea with your pinkie finger raised and flowing champagne. You can choose to host at a venue where everything is catered to for a cost or if you want to get really creative you can host it at home. You’ll be in charge of all the beautiful decorations, the seating arrangements, the china and you’ll select the food the guests will enjoy. It will be a really lovely, intimate affair that you and all of your guests will truly enjoy.

Host a Dinner Party

If you have the natural gift of the gab, a flare for decoration and love to test your culinary skills, why not host a dinner party for your fortieth with a birthday caterer. You can choose to keep things basic or you can pull out the ramekins and blow torch to create crème Brule that your guests will still be talking about next year. Whichever way you choose, a dinner party is definitely an intimate, enjoyable option for all. Now, if you aren’t one for the cooking, but still love to host and enjoy gourmet food, hiring a chef will allow you to eat the most incredible food, whilst allowing you to do the chit chat. What a dream.

Reserve a Private Room at a Restaurant

There is a place down the street you would definitely refer to as your favourite restaurant. You eat there often enough the restaurant owner should basically give you your own drawer and a place to keep your toothbrush, you are always receiving the greatest service and the bill doesn’t make your heart feel like it’s about to leap out of your chest. So why not consider reaching out to see if you can arrange to rent a room at the restaurant for your fortieth? You’ll have plenty of privacy, giving an intimate feel, you already know the food is going to be brilliant and if you frequent there, you are more inclined to get some extra goodies. Everyone wins.

Cheese and Wine Night

If you are a sucker for cheese at the best of times and also enjoy a good get together with friends but also don’t particularly enjoy hosting lavish events, then a cheese and wine night to ring in a new decade is the ultimate way to go. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy sipping on a delicious glass of wine and gorging on the yummiest cheese. If you aren’t sold already, there is very little cleaning up to do afterwards, simply assort your various cheeses, fruits, crackers and other appetizers onto several boards and you are ready to go. You get to look and feel fancy without all of the effort and stress.

Host a Themed Party

Themed parties are all the rage, made even more special because you are turning forty.
Whether you are really into a certain television show, a die-hard sport fanatic, are passionate about the ocean or a sucker for punk rock, there are no boundaries when it comes to dress ups. It gives all the guests the added excitement of going out and getting really creative with their costumes and you will have fun decorating the house to match the theme when guests arrive. An added bonus is a prize for the best dressed, because that always makes people go above and beyond and you will be in awe with what some people come up with as they arrive to your house.

Host a bake off

If you are an avid baker who religiously watches cooking shows and experiments with recipes in their free time, hosting a bake off for your fortieth would be a wonderful way to celebrate You have the opportunity get your friends together, have fun being creative with recipes and invite a little competition into the mix. At the end each person’s food is judged and given a score. The best part is getting to taste each of your competitors, hopefully delicious, food afterwards and having a good laugh.

Book a Brunch

The most exciting thing about hosting a brunch is there are no rules. Given the term is a merging of breakfast and lunch, you can choose to host at whatever time you like, whether it’s 11am or as late as 4pm, which makes it a perfect fortieth option for those who can barely function before 9am. When considering the menu options, you have so much freedom in what you dish up, you can plate up the breakfast classics of bacon, eggs, and French toast or you can lean towards lunch staples like sandwiches and salads. Better yet why not get a little crazy and mix up the two. You really can’t mess up a brunch, especially if there is orange juice and champagne thrown into the equation.

Go on a Wine tour

There is nothing quite as wonderful as being surrounded by beautiful, lush greenery, but what makes it even more enjoyable is pairing the scenery with a delicious tasting wine. If you are a bit of a wine lover, why not consider getting away from the bars and clubs for your fortieth and plan a day trip to the wineries. Unlike going to the zoo at its busiest times, you’ll be able to soak up every bit of the wineries at your own pace and indulge in the best wines the region has to offer. Better yet, it’s a wonderful way to get all of your friends together and enjoy a day out in the sunshine, with flowing wine and conversation and the cherry on top is that you won’t go home empty handed. Each winery as a wide variety of wine available to purchase for home, or the after party.

Visit a brewery

It’s understandable that wine isn’t everyone’s preference, but alas a brewery tour is also a fantastic fortieth option for the beer lovers. You’ll be taken on a guided tour through each brewery and given a brief education on the different beers but fear not you will also be tasting the beers along the way. Once the tours are finished you and your friends will have the freedom to enjoy a wide variety of beer on tap at the restaurant on site as well as some seriously delicious food.

Take a class on Cocktail making

A delicious cocktail is essentially a social alcoholic beverage, I mean there’s not much fun in feeling a little merry without friends around with ears for you to talk off. If you feel like taking your competitive side to a boozy level, a cocktail making class is the idyllic fortieth celebration for you. There are so many options in how you host the night, whether you follow instructions to mix, shake and pour fancy cocktails or if you really want to shake things up you could turn the cocktail making into competitions. It’s a great way to get all of your friends involved, have a good laugh, enjoy unique cocktails and keep it classy.

Adventurist things to do for your fortieth birthday

If you are the thrill-seeking adventurous type, taking things slow for your fortieth is a far cry from how you would want to send off your thirties. Don’t worry we have you covered with a list of unique, crazy, fun and exhilarating ideas of ways you can spend your birthday which are sure to get your heart racing and blood pumping. You can try one, or better yet try them all, make a week or an entire month of adventurous celebrations.
Try an Escape Room

If you want to take the opportunity to do something exciting and fun, but in a smaller group, an escape room would be a very unique and memorable option for your milestone of a birthday. You and your group will be locked into a themed room where you will have one hour to solve puzzles and overcome challenges in order to escape the room. Each of the puzzles differ and are guaranteed to test your thinking skills. Whether you choose to do this with friends or with your family, an escape room birthday is a great way to work together as a team and try to get out before the time is up.

Take a scenic helicopter ride

Why not indulge yourself for your fortieth birthday and take a scenic helicopter ride? You can combine being a thrill seeker with an appreciation of some of Australia’s most breathtaking landscape. Whether you are flying over some of Broome’s most vibrant headland or exploring the beautiful coastline of Western Australia, you are guaranteed to have one of the most magical and memorable experiences of your life.

GRab a cart and Go Bugging

If you consider yourself a pretty strong swimmer with a thirst for adventure than river bugging for your fortieth might be for you. Though the river bug looks similar to a blow-up donut you would essentially sit in to tour the lazy river at a water park, this inflatable device will have you speeding down water rapids with the most beautiful mountain backdrop surroundings for your viewing pleasure. So, gather a group of your adrenalin junkie friends and family members and have a go at this raw, unique and exciting water sport this birthday! You are guaranteed to have a time you will never forget.

Try Sky Diving

Your fortieth birthday is one milestone that should go down in the books. If you are looking for the most fun, exhilarating way to spend it, sky diving most certainly takes the cake. This is an experience unlike anything you have ever felt before, a rollercoaster of different emotions. From the nerves you get before stepping on to the plane, to the calm feel you experience once the plane has reached the point you are about to jump from and then the small panic you feel when you’ve realized the doors are going to open, but then not enough time to actually think about it because within a few seconds your adrenalin is pumping as you jump from the plane and free fall. Then there is the biggest sense of accomplishment when you open your parachute and get to experience the most breathtaking birds eye view of the land around you and that little bit of relief as you land safely. though there are plenty of ways to spend your birthday, nothing will be quite as memorable as a sky diving experience, you will cherish the experience for the rest of your life.

Kiss a stranger

Most people would remember playing truth or dare and spin the bottle as a teen and if so, you would also remember how nervous you would get when it came to the awkward kiss with the cutie in your class. The way your hands all of a sudden got clammy and you felt your heart racing so fast others it may as well have been visible through your shirt. Why do kids get to have all the innocent fun? Why not relive your youth days by kissing a stranger this fortieth birthday? Whether you play truth or dare and have to kiss a person of your friends choosing or you incorporate it into a spin the bottle type of game, kissing a stranger is definitely a way to have yourself and your friends in a fit of stitches on your fortieth birthday and you are guaranteed to take a trip down memory lane.

Throw a boat party

There honestly isn’t a better way to get people more excited than by throwing a party on the water. It could be the beautiful, blue ocean, the luxury of being on a yacht or the fact that you are in international waters and therefore there aren’t many laws as you float along, or it could be all of the above. Regardless, choosing to host your fortieth on a boat will guarantee you an amazing day and if you are lucky, an additional tan to go with it. You’ll enjoy the breeze in your hair, flowing champagne (or your beverage of choice) and an experience you get to cherish with those closest with you.

Go for a nudie run

There is nothing quite as liberating as being stark naked. We do it all the time, in the shower, getting changed, having a bath. Why not be a little wild this fortieth birthday, put on your birthday suit and run down a street, advisably not in your neighbourhood. You will have your heart beating faster than your legs can carry you and a massive feeling of empowerment afterwards once you have made your way back to an awaiting towel. Plus, you can finally tick pulling a nudie run off that bucket list of yours.

pop a tent and go Glamping

Glamping is the opportunity to take in the beautiful, natural surroundings of the outback with additional luxury. The experience allows you to get away from the big smoke, move away from typical tourist activities, step outside of your comfort zone and connect with the environment whilst being able to sleep under the glistening stars from the comfort of a soft bed. If this sounds like something you might enjoy, why not give it a try for your fortieth birthday celebration? It’s the perfect opportunity to gather a small group of friends and share a milestone in a very unique and unforgettable way.

Get yourself a tattoo

Have you always wanted to something really rebellious and crazy to ring in a birthday, but chickened out at the last minute? Your fortieth is the perfect opportunity to follow through with something crazy and very memorable, such as getting a tattoo. It will be a memory you have for the rest of your life, in addition to something you wear for the rest of your life. Bring some friends along to hold your hand and cheer you on as you take the plunge and reveal your dare devil this fortieth.

Fly to somewhere random

Every year on our birthday we take the opportunity to try and outdo the previous birthday. We go bigger, we go better, we go harder, but after a while it all seems quite repetitive and somewhat boring. If you have been itching to do something new and exciting for your birthday, packing a suitcase and selecting a completely random destination to travel to with a group of your friends is sure to satisfy your inner adventurer this fortieth birthday. Whether you choose to immerse yourself in the warm climate in Thailand and sip on spiked coconuts as you lather on the sun tanning lotion, or you opt to fly into cooler climates so you can sip on mulled wine and rug up in big coats, you are guaranteed to have the time of your life and quash that travel bug.

Go Horseback riding

If you enjoy the outdoors and are an avid horse lover, a horse-riding experience is an adventurous, unique way to ring in the new decade. You’ll get the opportunity to go off the beaten track and explore unknown terrains, whilst soaking up the beautiful scenery on offer. You can choose to slowly trot on the back of your horse, at your own pace, or if you are after a bit of a rush, and are experienced on horseback, you can opt to canter on the back of the horse and show your friends how it is done.

Go Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a very social sport and a sure way to bring fun and excitement into your fortieth milestone birthday and additionally it’s a great way to incorporate a full body work out into your big day. You can enjoy harnessing up and challenging yourself to climb the various coloured rocks that are set up on the walls, ensuring you have someone down below to help you down once you reach the top. If you have a competitive edge, why not set various challenges between your friends to see who can make it up the wall in the shortest amount of time or see you can climb the more challenging rocks on the wall the quickest. Regardless of your climbing abilities, choosing to go rock climbing to mark the milestone is guaranteed to provide a lot of laughs and an experience all will remember.

Go Parasailing

Parasailing is the closest you can get to flying, without the confinement of gluing your face against a plane window and looking down at the ground below. If you used to dream of flying, pretending to be a bird or a plane at every opportunity you could as a child, your fortieth birthday is your chance finally fulfill that flying dream of yours. Get yourself harnessed up and prepare to have the most exhilarating experience of your life. The views are enough to make your draw drop and the experience is something you will hold onto and speak about for the rest of your life.

Learn how to dance

You’ve watched Dirty dancing more than you care to admit and you emulate the moves on all of the dance shows that are aired on television. So, why not use this fortieth birthday to sign yourself up to some professional dance classes, better yet, invite your friends and family to join along with you. Whether you choose the salsa, or something a little funkier, such as hip hop, you’ll have a great, albeit challenging, time learning a whole dance routine, with many laughs along the way. The biggest bonus is showing off your funky moves next time you go out to the clubs for all your friends to witness.

Run a Marathon

Running a marathon is a goal many people seek to accomplish within their lifetime, though not everyone gets the privilege of doing so. Why not tick it off your bucket list this milestone birthday. It’s a wonderful opportunity to train hard, increase your physical health and fitness and experience something new and rewarding. There are many marathons to sign up for and countless are for a good cause. So, this fortieth celebrate by testing your physical strength, applauded by your favourite friends and family on the sidelines and raise money for a charity you align with.

Relaxing things to do on your 40th

Sometimes you can get so carried away with the work, life balance it can become almost overwhelming, you feel like you are burning the candle at both ends trying to keep up. There doesn’t feel like there are enough hours in the week to focus on some serious resting and retreating along with tender, love and care for yourself. Making time for yourself this fortieth birthday is a great opportunity to reset, relax and feel rejuvenated. If you are stuck for ideas on how to do so, don’t worry, we have provided a list of the most relaxing activities for you to do. You’ll thank us later.

Spend a day at a Spa

Sometimes your days are filled with so much activity, dropping the kids off to school (if you have them), working all day and then there’s dinner to consider. You begin to forget what it’s like to give yourself some serious tender love and care. What better way to treat yourself this milestone birthday than to indulge in a day at the Spa? Allow the world to stop for a hot minute and allow yourself the time for nothing else but relaxation and a bit of pampering. Whether it’s a massage, or a rose petal filled bath and a pedicure. You will feel rejuvenated and replenished once the day is done and you will thank yourself for it later.

Host a Movie night

If the thought of turning the big four-oh is wearing you down and you aren’t up for throwing a birthday extravaganza, why not go down the easy route and host a little movie night for you and your friends. Set the loungeroom up like a cinema, snuggle up under the doona covers and select your top three movies to watch amongst friends. If there is the option to use a projector, that will never go astray and don’t forget the movie snacks, a movie is never complete without the hot, buttery popcorn. You’ll ring in the new decade feeling relaxed, surrounded by wonderful company and with a belly full of goodness.

Game on: Host a game night

If you are looking for a relaxing way to ring in this new decade, with a bit of competitive edge, a game night is ideal for you. Invite a group of your nearest and dearest to join along in playing games you may have forgotten existed. You may need to dust the cobwebs off some of the cardboard games for this night. If you don’t have many games hiding in your cupboards, ask your friends to bring some along with them, the more the merrier, and make sure someone brings the wine. It will be a rocking evening, without fuss and a guaranteed good time for all.

Trivia Night

If you seem to know random information about the strangest of subjects, are a history lover, or constantly have your nose buried in celebrity gossip magazines, why not put your skills to good use this fortieth birthday and host a Trivia night for a group of your friends. Take the time to prepare a variety of thought-provoking questions, get yourself into some teams and have the finger food ready to go, so you don’t break concentration. By the end of the evening, you can be sure to have learned something new, had a belly full of laughs and brought in your milestone with the people you love most.

Connect with some old friends on Facebook

Life can be one rollercoaster ride. You start new jobs, make new friends, leave that job and start another and with it comes new friends. Sometimes you find you lose touch with people, not because you want to, but because your life paths have taken you in such opposing directions it’s hard to keep up and then by the time you feel you should contact that person it feels like too much time has passed and things might be awkward, so you just leave it and carry on. You may have been thinking of those you have lost touch with, wondering what they are up to now, whether they’ve had kids or how they are doing. So why not use this fortieth as an excuse to reconnect with those friends you’ve lost touch with and what better way to do so than through Facebook. It saves the awkward talk on the phone and allows you ample time to reply. You only live once and you never know, your friendship may blossom once again.

Get Artistic

If you consider yourself a bit of a Picasso and are wanting to boost your creativity this birthday, hosting an artistic fortieth is definitely a mindful, relaxing and very fun way to do so. There are a wide variety of art classes available, the most popular being “paint and sip” classes, where you are given a simple piece of art to replicate and you get to sip on wine as you go. You can get a group of friends together and make a lovely evening of it, yielding some results which you may even consider hanging on the wall at home to always cherish.

Pose for a life drawing class

If you’re dying to do something wild and completely out of the ordinary for your fortieth birthday, posing for a life drawing class is definitely the way to do so. Invite your closest friends and family to a hosted life drawing class, where you will model. Dim the lights a little and set the ambiance, provide charcoal and paper and set a time schedule for each sketch. It will challenge you to sit in the same position for periods of time and it will challenge your friends to focus on body proportion and lighting as they draw. Once the sketches are finished it will be fun to walk around and compare the various sketches each person has completed to see how they have interpreted the varying angles of your body they have had to draw.

Volunteer at an animal shelter

If you are an animal lover who is looking to do something truly rewarding this fortieth birthday, signing up to volunteer at an animal shelter is a certified way to do so. There are so many animals who deserve to be loved and cared for and by volunteering you will be able to provide the animals with the human interaction they need in order to get them to trust you, warm up to you and in turn make them more desirable when it comes to getting adopted. So, you will get plenty of cuddles and kisses from all the animals and be doing something so truly rewarding for them. It will be a birthday treat you won’t regret.

Make a time capsule

If you find yourself constantly saving little photos, tokens and trinkets and never really know what to do with them, other than store them in a box under your bed, considering making a time capsule is a great way to make use of them. I mean, if there was ever a good time to make one, your big four oh is definitely a good one. Gather several trinkets and photos that you cherish and place them in a box, or better yet invite your friends over to do the same, so you can each take a trip down memory lane. Once the treasure has been selected, you can bury your time capsule in a place that you will remember and look forward to the day you can dig it up and cherish the memories.

Bingo Night

Bingo is not just for the old folks, it’s a fun time to be had by all ages. Hosting a bingo night for your fortieth will be a guaranteed way to get all your family and friends into high spirits. Ensure there is an MC with a punch of personality, a good seating arrangement and a little bit of winning money would never go astray. There will be lots of laughing, a little bit of crying, but a certified hoot of a time. and let’s be real everyone loves the adrenalin rush of being able to leap out of their seats and yell bingo when they win.

Hire a limo or Stretch Hummer for the night

We’ve all wanted to know what it would be like to live the life of the rich and famous. What better time to test the waters than for your big fortieth bash? Drop some of that well earned money on a limo or a stretch hummer and party like celebrities for an evening. Put on your favourite outfit, invite some of your close friends and paint the town red whilst travelling in style. A bonus, limos and hummers are equipped with fun lights, yummy snacks, groovy music and flowing champagne. If that isn’t enough, you won’t have to worry about parking or a way to get home at the end of the night. So put on your party shoes and live it up this fortieth birthday.

Book a Hotel Room with Your Best Friends

If you are stuck for ideas on how to spend a low key fortieth with friends, booking a hotel room for the night will never disappoint. This gives you a base and then you can decide where the night leads. Whether you decide to put on your robes and watch the sunset whilst sipping champagne, or, dressing to the nines and enjoying cuisine at your favourite restaurant, whatever way you choose, you will be spending your fortieth with panache and the cherry on top is spending it with your besties.

Rent an AirBNB

If you are looking for a home away from home experience, maybe with a bit of extra luxury, renting an Airbnb to ring in this fortieth birthday is a sure way to go. With so much selection on the market you are guaranteed to find accommodation to provide the experience you are looking for. Whether you are looking to run away from the big smoke and rent out a shack by the beach, or perhaps finding a beautiful cabin surrounded by bushland where you can sip on mulled wine and play Pictionary. Whatever it is you are seeking this fortieth; you can be assured that airbnb will go beyond your expectations.

Have a makeover

We’ve all seen the shows on television that turn people from drab to fab, but it doesn’t always have to be so drastic and it can be so completely refreshing. Your fortieth is a huge milestone birthday and what better way to welcome the decade than with a hot, uplifting new look. Once you’re done you can invite your friends over for the reveal, put on your party shoes and show off around town.

Shop ‘til you drop

Now, shop ‘til you drop isn’t an invitation to go out on a spending spree and buy so much you drop to your knees. Instead, it’s a game that merges shopping and a little competitive edge. If you are a bit of a shopaholic this could definitely be something worth considering this fortieth birthday. Allocate each of your friends an amount of money they are allowed to spend and then provide each with a list of scavenger hunt items they must buy, the first one to complete this task and meet at a certain spot is the winner. once you have finished with the scavenger hunt, there is ample time to treat yourselves to a good pampering with a massage or a manicure and pedicure. The retail therapy is a sure way to make your fortieth birthday a relaxing one for yourself and all who are included.

Party things to do for your 40th birthday

If you are feeling a little bit down in the dumps about turning another year older and want to blow off some steam with your nearest and dearest for this milestone birthday, say no more, we have provided some fun ways to send in this decade. Have your Panadol and water ready because you are in for a good time.

Do a shot (or 5) for old times’ sake

Sure, you could be adventurous this fortieth, or spend your day getting all the massages in the world, but if you are really looking to send off your thirties with a bang, you will definitely be needing a shot or five to toast to this new decade you are entering. So, line up your friends at the bar, order your favourite shots and celebrate the beginning of a new decade. Ensure you have plenty of water before you get to sleep because you don’t want a three-day hangover.

Throw a 1920s themed party

Think flappers, gangsters, sophistication and glamour this fortieth birthday and throw yourself a roaring twenties party. It’s fun way to get everyone involved and people will love draping themselves in all the pearls, sequins, feather boas, three-piece suits and sipping on fancy cocktails. Have the jazz music playing, get your feet moving because you are in for a night you will never forget.

Host a photo night (Book a Photo Booth)

Hiring a photo booth for this fortieth birthday is such a fantastic idea, you’ll create so many memories you can document and put into your little memory box for years to come. You can take the opportunity to make the night as creative and fun as you want. Include props and costumes if you want to make it silly, or you can take candid modelling photos. Everyone loves a good photo booth opportunity, and you will definitely have sore cheeks from laughing so hard.

Sing Your Heart Out at Karaoke

I think around 80% of people believe they have a voice of the next upcoming popstar as they belt out ballads in the comfort of their shower. If that sounds like you, then hosting a karaoke night this fortieth is the perfect opportunity to unleash the inner popstar. If you are feeling confident, invite your friends to an open karaoke night, where you can sing until your vocal cords won’t allow you to, or you get kicked out of the bar. Otherwise, if you are seeking a more intimate affair, you can rent a private room at a karaoke bar to serenade your closest friends. You will be sure to laugh until you cry in moments and there will be others where you may want to block your ears, but alas it will be a very memorable fortieth birthday celebration.

Go to a concert

There is something so exhilarating and fun about going to a concert. You get to buy a new outfit, invite friends over beforehand to get ready, have some pre drinks, listen to good music and that’s before you have even arrived at the concert. If there is a really good concert approaching, why not use it as a way to ring in this milestone. You’ll share beautiful moments with friends as you sing along to all the lyrics of your favourite songs and though the bands only play for several hours, you are guaranteed to remember the special moments you’ve created for the rest of your life.

Hit the nightclub

The big four oh is the biggest milestone since your thirtieth, so you will want to invite all of the family and friends that mean the most to you in order to celebrate the end of a decade and the beginning of a new one. Now you will want to kick up your heels and paint the town red and you’ll want to do it with as little fuss as possible, so why not host an event at a nightclub. You’ll have all the perks of throwing a house party, but without all the stress and fussing. Plus, the bar will never run out , there is a professional dj on the decks at all times and one you have decided to call it a night, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up in the morning and can have yourself a nice big sleep in. It’s a win, win situation for you and all of your friends.

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