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47 ideas to do for your 30th Birthday

Over the last three decades a lot has happened. You’ve grown, loved, laughed, lost and then also burnt a few roast dinners few and far in between. It’s the dawn of an age where you start to really look at your life, placing this expectation on where you are and where you are heading, wanting to tick a thousand boxes on your checklist and then placing a huge amount of pressure on yourself to achieve them.

It’s no wonder Jenna Rink had such a breakdown in 13 going on 30, turning thirty is a big deal, a milestone if you will. You’ve made it this far, you’ve overcome hurdles, cried rivers, and here you are, standing on two feet, just. This definitely calls for a celebration.

A 30th birthday party celebration is an occasion to celebrate the end (somewhat) of those wild, tequila fuelled nights in your twenties. A time to welcome with open arms the maturity you’ve been talking about (to a degree) saving up to throw money towards a house deposit and managing to make your way home in one piece after a night out, without falling asleep with a burger in your hand and French fries sprawled all over the bed. The very thought of all this is enough to make you feel as though your throat is closing in.

If the very idea of turning thirty is daunting and you feel like you want to run for the hills, take the stress off your big day of celebrating and soak up every hour of fun on this memorable day by choosing an activity from the list of the thirty days of thirty provided for you.

Foodie things to do for your 30th Party

If your head is constantly in the clouds thinking of the next genius meal you plan to create when you get home to eat, and you buy more appliances and utensils for the kitchen than you do clothes, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you wanted to spend your special birthday surrounded by something you enjoy the most, food. Below are some foodie loving ways to celebrate your day.

High Tea

Hosting a high tea party is definitely an elegant way to celebrate a thirtieth. It’s all about nibbling on finger food, eating scones and delicious little cakes and sipping on tea, or better yet a flute of champagne. What’s more because it is being hosted by you, you have free rein on all of the personalised touches, from the table decorations, flowers you’d like, plates and most importantly the type of food you would like the guests to eat.  Though you are able to cook the food yourself, there is also the option of hiring a catering service for your birthday, permitting you more time with the guests and less time with the intricate details in the finger food.

Have a Dinner Party

If you have always desired to host a beautiful, eloquent dinner party for your friends in order to show off your extensive culinary skills as well as getting out the fancy china ware and linen you had saved for when the queen came to visit, then your thirtieth may be the perfect time. Take the opportunity to write a set menu, get your friends all dressed up, have the wine flowing and appreciate great conversation over a delicious cooked meal.

Reserve a Private Room at a Restaurant

A thirtieth is a milestone of an occasion, and if you are a big foodie it’s the most perfect time to invite friends to share a meal at your favourite selected restaurant. But why not go one further and book private dining. This perk allows you to be closed off from the rest of the restaurant, to prevent disruptions, affords some privacy and makes the event feel really intimate and special and additionally you will get the highest level of attentiveness from the staff that cater to your private dining.

Cheese and Wine Night

A cheese and wine night are one of the best nights in, and that just on your stock standard 9-5 working day. Planning a cheese and wine night for a thirtieth is a cheese lovers dream. The biggest benefit is that there is no cooking necessary. It’s important to keep things simple to reduce stress. Spend the majority of your time finding the best cheese and wines to pair with them, once this is done you can add the crackers, fruits, chocolate and nuts. Is there anything better than a good group of friends, delicious cheese and tasty wine to celebrate a milestone?

Host a Themed Party

Hosting a themed party makes turning thirty even more special. Whether you are really into comic books, are a sports fanatic, idolise celebrities, or are nostalgic about the nineties, there really is no theme that is off limits, you have the opportunity to get really creative, not only with costumes but the decorations and food to match. It gives all the guests an opportunity to put in the extra effort on your big day and it’s super exciting watching on as your guests arrive. It is an extra bonus if there is a prize for best dressed.

Host a bake off

If you like to entertain, experiment with recipes, like a master chef, and also have that competitive edge, a bake-off thirtieth would be idyllic. You can choose to stick to normal recipes or get creative with experimenting with new ones. The best part is that once you have finished the adrenalin rushing baking experience, you receive a score and get to taste everyone’s food.


Brunch is by far the best meal of the day. It’s between breakfast and lunch, you get to sleep in, but it’s still early enough to enjoy a freshly brewed morning coffee and you get to select between the breakfast lunch options on the menu. If you are a brunching type of person, hosting a brunch party is hands down one of the greatest ideas for a thirtieth. You get to catch up with all of your friends, select the freshest ingredients to make your brunch menu (I highly recommend a little buffet style breakfast for easy access and to reduce stress with prep) and you still have the whole afternoon in front of you to see where the brunch leads to.

A Wine Tasting Tour

A wine tour is such a classic party option and a good one at that. You get the beauty of being outdoors in the fresh air and can mix your love of mingling and tasting delicious wine all in one. Nothing will get all of your friends socialising and laughing as much as a good old wine tasting tour. You have the option of travelling by bus to several wineries and you will more than likely have a bus that plays fun music to keep you in the highest of spirits. At the end of each winery, you get the option of buying a bottle, or seven, to keep the celebrations going afterwards.

Brewery tour

Not into wine? Not a problem. There are many breweries that provide the option of having tours. You get all the fun of a wine tour but replace it with beer. You’ll get to tantalise your tastebuds at various locations, with a wide selection of craft beers on offer, surrounded by lush environments to kick off the big day and enjoy daytime drinking and flowing conversations with all your friends.

Cocktail making class

A cocktail making class is the perfect party starter. You get to bring the good times of a night at your favourite bar into the comfort of your own home and it makes for such a unique form of entertainment, getting everyone who is there involved in mixing, shaking and pouring your favourite cocktails and what’s more, you get to enjoy tasting afterwards. What better way to bring in the big three oh, you’ll be chatting and dancing the night away with only the finest of alcoholic beverages.

Adventurist Things to do for your 30th Birthday Party

If you are an adrenalin junkie with an appetite for thrills, there is no doubt you would want to do something exciting, unique or maybe slightly crazy for your milestone birthday. Look no further because there is an entire list of birthday suggestions to quench your thirst, try one or try them all, you are guaranteed get your blood pumping and heart racing.

Try an Escape Room

If you are looking for something unique and fun for your thirtieth, but also want to keep the numbers small, then an escape room is a great option. You will be placed into small teams and then be locked into a themed room. You and the team will have one hour to work cohesively in order to crack clues and pass certain challenges in order to escape the room. The missions will vary and will be sure to test your mental limits. Escape rooms are a great way to combine being social with your friends with a love of adventure. You get to be interactive and completely immersed in what feels like a completely different realm. The best part is that they only run for one hour, so there is plenty of time to continue celebrations afterwards.

Take a scenic Helicopter Ride

A scenic helicopter ride incorporates a sense of adventure with breathtaking views and if you have a love of the wonderous landscapes Australia has to offer, this is such a perfect way to celebrate your thirtieth, that and it’s all so very mature. One of the best things about taking scenic helicopter rides is that the helicopter is able to hover closer to the ground than an airplane, so you will get close up to your surroundings making it one truly intimate and very memorable experience.

Go Bugging

River bugging is a sure way to get the blood circulating and that heart pumping on your thirtieth. If you are an adrenalin junkie and love being in the water, this is definitely an activity you would love to do. Gather a group of your thrill-seeking friends, put on those webbed gloves and wetsuit and get ready to sit in your river bug and ride down the white-water rapids, with a guide to help you navigate of course. You’ll get to experience beautiful scenery whilst having the most incredible time with friends.

Visit a not so local Theme Park

If you are an adrenalin junkie, who absolutely loves the feeling of your heart about to beat out of your chest, then going to a theme park for your thirtieth is the most perfect choice for you. You will be surrounded by rollercoaster rides, ghost trains, merry go rounds and every other ride you can possibly think of, just make sure you don’t eat too much popcorn and drink too much coke beforehand.

Be brave and go Skydiving

The thirtieth is one milestone of a birthday and what better way to welcome it, with open arms, than with some skydiving. Sure, you could celebrate the day with a few cocktails with friends for the evening, but you can do that whenever, how about a nice big dosage of serotonin, adrenaline and dopamine to shake things up. It’s an exhilarating, exciting, mind blowing experience to ring in the three oh and it is definitely one that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Kiss a stranger

Everyone has heard of kissing a stranger that stands under the mistletoe at Christmas, but if you are incredibly single and are looking for a way to get your heart racing why not try kissing a complete stranger on your milestone birthday. This doesn’t necessarily need to be a “run up to a stranger and kiss them in the mall” scenario, you could incorporate it into a game you were once oh so familiar with, such as spin the bottle or seven minutes in heaven. This will have everyone giggling and no doubt bring back so many high school memories.

Hire a Sailing Boat

If you are seeking adventure off the land and want to do something a little bit different to celebrate your milestone birthday than why not throw a party on a sailing boat. You’ll get to enjoy the sun beaming down on your face, the wind in your hair and the world is your oyster with where you may sail to, within reason. You’ll enjoy the picturesque backdrop of the deep blue as you sail through the ocean, enjoying delicious food and sipping on fine wine. So why not go for something a little bit more alternative for your big day, it will be something you will always cherish with your nearest and dearest.

Go for a nudie run

Have you ever wanted to do something so crazy and out of your mind liberating, such as a nudie run, but never had the courage to do it? Well now is the perfect opportunity to do it. The big thirty is the time to tick nudie run off your bucket list and relive the empowering days of running around as a naked toddler. If running around down a street is too confronting, why not try going to a secluded beach and running straight into the water, away from the eyes of others. You will feel young, wild and incredibly free.

Glamp out in the wilderness

If you love the idea of being at one with nature, love the beautiful fresh air that is only available in the wilderness, but also enjoy your creature comforts, why not try glamping out in the wilderness for your thirtieth. It’s the perfect opportunity to bring your closest family and friends together and step away from the demands of everyday life. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to celebrate under the stars, connect with nature, eat smores and at the end of the night you will get to sleep in a cosy bed in a big, beautiful tent. There are many sites to choose from and you are guaranteed to fulfill the adventurous side of you.

Get a tattoo

What better way to remember your thirtieth than getting a tattoo to commemorate such a big milestone, always and forever. This is definitely an activity that will feed your adventurous side. Make sure you have thought the tattoo through, find a well-known tattoo artist to do the tattoo and it’s highly advised not to get your tattoo whilst inebriated because it will be there for the rest of your life.

Fly to somewhere random

Every year people try to find new and exciting things to do for birthdays, whether it’s trying a new restaurant, going to the funky new bar down the block, but it all gets a little bit stale after a while. As it’s a thirtieth birthday to celebrate you want to bring the day in with something random, spontaneous and memorable. Taking your sense of adventure to new levels and flying to a completely random destination for a few days with close friends is a wonderful and exciting way to bring in your birthday. Maybe somewhere warm, so you can drink pina coladas and lay by the pool, or maybe you after cooler climates, where you can sip on red wine and eat a delicious hot meal and then retreat to sitting by a fire. Whatever way you choose, you’ll not only get to eat new and exciting food, drink different cocktails, but you’ll also be in a foreign place sharing an intimate experience with your closest friends.

Go Horseback riding

If you are a horse lover seeking an outdoor thirtieth, why not try a horse-riding experience to celebrate. It’s something new, adventurous, unique and it’s quite relaxing. You’ll be able to explore beautiful terrains as you slowly trot, with the soft breeze in your hair and your mind completely relaxed as you soak it all that nature has to offer whilst sitting on the back of the most beautiful creature.

Go Rock Climbing

If you are looking to have an awesome, very different kind of thirtieth birthday why not give rock climbing a go. It’s a perfect way to celebrate whilst adding the thrill and excitement of a completely new experience into the mix. You’ll have so much fun climbing up the different coloured rocks paved out on the walls, with a friend below holding your harness and cheering you on. You can make it even more challenging by having competitions between friends to see who can climb the quickest to the top. Whether you are new or well versed in your climbing abilities you will not be disappointed in this fun, challenging experience.

Go Parasailing

If you have ever wondered what it would feel like to literally fly, to be able to look down and view things from a bird’s eye view, but without the restrictions of a plane window, a parasailing adventure is something you definitely need to try, especially for a thirtieth. Get yourself strapped in and prepare to have the most thrilling experience with the most breathtaking views, with scenery so beautiful you’ll feel like you are dreaming. It will be a memory you cherish for the rest of your life.

Learn how to dance

We’ve all heard of couples learning how to dance before their wedding day, so they can show off their skills during their first dance, but why wait until then, you’re only thirty once. Gather up your closest friends or family or both, choose a style of dance you want to try whether it may be barn yard dancing, ball room dancing or choreographing a whole routine with everyone involved. You are guaranteed to have a few giggles, you’ll certainly challenge yourself and you’ll come out of the experience with a whole new set of skills

Run a Marathon

Running a marathon is a bucket list goal for many people, one that not all people get around to completing. If you are looking for a reason to tick it off your list, why not use turning thirty as an excuse. There’s really no fault in running a marathon, you’ll increase your health and fitness through the training you do before you compete, you’ll meet new people, and you’ll experience something challenging. Additionally, you’ll be surrounded by the supportive crowd, which will contain your friends and family and ultimately you will be testing your physical and mental capabilities. If you are after a challenge for your milestone, a marathon could definitely be right up your alley, you could even choose a marathon for charity to fundraise and give back to the community as a cherry on top.

Relaxing things to do for your 30th Birthday Party

Life can get so busy and all-consuming sometimes you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to take care of yourself. Making time to truly relax this thirtieth birthday is the perfect way to unwind and welcome this new decade, feeling centred, grounded and calm. If you aren’t sure where to begin looking, we have provided a list of relaxing activities for you to try.

Spend a day at a Spa

Everyone needs indulgence here and there and what better way to do it than at the Spa, additionally what better day to choose to treat yourself than on your thirtieth birthday. Spending the day at a spa is a luxury that permits you to forget about the world around you for the day and focus on nothing but relaxation. This type of indulgence is much cheaper than a destination birthday or hosting a huge party, whether you choose to get a facial, massage, maybe a full body treatment or a manicure or pedicure, maybe you go all out and get it all, it will definitely have you feeling reset, refreshed and ready to perhaps celebrate with a cheeky champagne afterwards.

Host a Movie night

If the thought of throwing a birthday party is too overwhelming, why not take it easy by hosting a casual movie night for your thirtieth. You can set up the lounge room with some bean bags and pillows, have a solid selection of movies to choose from, perhaps you could even use a projector to set the ambiance like an outdoor cinema and enjoy the evening under the stars. All you need is a group of close friends, buttery popcorn and your comfy pyjamas and you are set for a very relaxing thirtieth celebration.

Game on: Host a game night

Game nights are a fantastic idea in general, let alone hosting one for a thirtieth. Invite all of your closest friends over, make sure to encourage others to dust off their old cardboard games, or bring along their scrabble board and Pictionary, the more games the merrier. It also helps with making your selection as a group. All you need to make this one rocking evening is some yummy finger food, great company and a good attitude.

Trivia Night

If you are the type of person that seems to know a heap of random information, or loves celebrity gossip, have an interest in history, or an absolute sport fanatic, then hosting a Trivia night would be the perfect, very chilled thirtieth option for you and your friends. Make sure to have some seriously interesting questions, a wide variety of categories and a heap of finger food to keep your guests satiated whilst you play. It’s a great way to get together, to learn about topics you’ve never even thought about before and at the end it is always a bonus if there is a prize for the winner. So put on your thinking caps and get the party started.

Connect with some old friends on Facebook

Life after school can become one gigantic rollercoaster ride. Everyone embarks on their own journey; people lose touch because they’ve gone travelling or moved away or maybe just generally going in different directions to you. But have you ever wondered where they are now? What they are doing with themselves and whether they ended up marrying their high school sweetheart or having children. One of the things you may have on your bucket list is to reconnect with old friends, to touch base and see how they are. Turning thirty is the perfect excuse to tick this off your list and who knows you might start a friendship that could last a lifetime.

Get Artistic

Have you ever sat and thought “I wish I was still a kid; they get to have all of the fun” well now is the opportunity to relive your childhood memories by hosting an arty thirtieth birthday? This could be such a relaxing, mindful and creative day for everyone involved. There are so many options of ways you can choose to be arty, you could sketch, or paint or if you wanted to make it a cheeky afternoon you could incorporate a few glasses of wine as you do your art. Additionally an arty thirtieth birthday has the potential to yield some pretty impressive art pieces that you can hang on your wall and cherish.

Pose for a life drawing class

Taking the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and do something you would never usually do, like life drawing, is such an incredible activity to do commemorate such a big milestone of a birthday. It’s a great opportunity to get your closest friends together and if you don’t feel comfortable modelling in front of a crowd of strangers at a hosted event, why not host a life drawing class at home. Create a set time schedule for each drawing and ensure you increase the time for each sketch. This will challenge your friends sketching abilities, encourage them to focus on body proportions and the different shadows and light they observe throughout. At the end it will be exciting to compare the different sketches and see how each person’s interpretation differentiates.

Volunteer at an animal shelter

Signing up as a volunteer at an animal shelter would be the perfect present to yourself if you are an animal lover. Every animal deserves to be loved and cared for. Part of being a volunteer is being around the animals and working with them so that they can become adoptable, as a lot have had little human interaction. The animals will begin to trust you, allow you to walk them and they will come out of their shell which will make them more desirable for potential adoption. You will be contributing to a solution and will feel so good doing it. It truly is a rewarding way to spend one of your thirty days of thirty, a decision you will never regret.

Make a time capsule

If there was any time to make a time capsule, your thirtieth is a great year to do so. Everyone likes to have memories, but it is even better when you get to bury it like treasure and go looking for it in the future. The best part is there are no rules. Gather the things that will be the most interesting to look back on in the years. Gather friends to do the same or have them help you with your selection of objects and memorable tokens. Make sure you bury the time capsule in a place that you are guaranteed to remember and count down the days, months or years until you get the opportunity to unearth it.

Bingo Night

Being the host of a bingo night is such a fantastic way to bring family and friends of all ages to celebrate the dirty thirtieth birthday. Everyone can sit down, concentrate on the numbers being called out by the MC and if you are feeling game, there could be a little bit of money for the winner to make people really invested in the game. You are guaranteed to have an absolute blast and there really is no better feeling when you get to stand up and scream “bingo”.

Hire a limo or Stretch Hummer for the night

A thirtieth birthday is one for the books, you want it to memorable, so why not splurge on a limo or a stretch limo. You’ll get to party like your idolised celebrities for the evening and get completely pampered. Invite your close friends or family, put on that outfit you have been dying to wear, but haven’t had anywhere to wear it and hit the town for a swanky dinner, travelling around in style. On top of it all, limos and stretch hummers are incredibly comfortable and come with the perks of a television, fun lighting, snacks, music, some champagne and you won’t have to worry about where to park because the driver will organise that for you. You will get to enjoy an incredibly glamorous experience without the fuss.

Book a Hotel Room with Your Best Friends

If you are wanting to keep things really relaxing and low key for the big three-oh, booking a hotel room for you and your best friends is right up your alley as it affords you so many options as to where the night can take you. You can choose to put on your robes, watch movies and order room service until your heart is content or you can get yourselves dressed up and eat at one of the restaurants in, or around the hotel, have a few glasses of champagne and then explore the night life. Either way you will ring in your thirtieth in style and there is no need to clean up, or make the beds in the morning, it really is the little things that count.

Rent an AirBNB

Sometimes staying in a hotel is a little bit too rigid, you want to have the home experience away from home, but maybe a little more luxurious than what you are used to. This is why renting an Air bnb for your thirtieth is a wonderful idea. There are so many to select from in so many areas. Maybe you want to get out of the city to a cabin surrounded by lush greenery and enjoy an array charcuterie and cheese boards, paired with fortified wine and board games, or maybe you want to get an apartment closer to the city and explore the restaurants, pubs and bars around the town. Whatever you desire, you will not be disappointed when booking air bnb.

Have a makeover

Nothing welcomes a new decade than a complete refresh on your twenties look. A makeover makes everyone feel great, you feel refreshed, replenished and like you are ready to take on the world with a great attitude. Pair it with a new outfit and you are ready to go out and paint the town on your big thirtieth. You could even make it an event by getting your friends and family in on the fun.

Shop ‘til you drop

Shop til’ you drop doesn’t exactly mean take your credit card and shop until you look at your transaction record and realise there is no more money in your account and drop to your knees in anguish. Instead, this is a game that incorporates a passion for shopping with a little competition. There are several ways to play this; each person gets an allocated amount of money and you can either have a list of scavenger hunt items to buy with the money, and the first one back is winner, or you could challenge each person to see who can buy the most with their budget. Once all of the games are done, there is freedom to purchase yourself something nice for your thirtieth or get your friends together to get a group massage. A truly relaxing and fun day to be had by all.

Party Things to do for your 30th Birthday Party

If you have been feeling overwhelmed by the fact that you are turning thirty and want nothing more than to party the night away with your nearest and dearest, to send off your twenties with a bang, here is a list of fun party things to do to commemorate your big day.

Do a shot (or 5) for old times’ sake

If you have decided to go down the party route for your thirtieth birthday, you will definitely be receiving drink after drink to toast to such a milestone of a birthday, but it is almost mandatory to also throw back the shots, for old times’ sake. So line up your favourite shots and toast to the funeral of your twenties, making sure you have Panadol before bed to save you from the splitting headache.

Throw a 1920s themed party

A 1920’s themed party is a very sleek way to say goodbye to the “roaring twenties” and hello to the new decade ahead. Think velvet, stringed pearls, feather boas, sequins everywhere and dashing three-piece suits. You can either go super sophisticated or get down and dirty with your party dressing as gangsters. either route will have everyone dressed to the absolute nines. Get the cocktails flowing, the jazz music playing and the feet moving because you are guaranteed to have a night you will never forget. And don’t forget the birthday catering to complimant your themed party.

Host a photo night (Book a Photo Booth)

If you are wanting to create all of the memories possible on your thirtieth birthday, booking a photo booth is the perfect way to do it. Why stop there, if you want to get really creative you can go and purchase a heap of props from the local $2 store to spice up the photos. This is definitely one of the best forms of entertainment for guests at your birthday and you are guaranteed to have a good giggle at some of the photos the morning after

Sing Your Heart Out at Karaoke

I think every single person deep down wishes they could be a rock star, at some point in their life. What better way to unleash your inner Rockstar than going to a Karaoke bar for your thirtieth? there’s the choice of an open karaoke bar, if you are brave, or if you want to keep the party private, there is the option of a private room. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, at those who are completely tone deaf, and you might even be surprised at the vocal gymnastics of some of your friends you never guessed could sing.

Go to a concert

Going to a concert for the big thirtieth is a fun, exciting way to celebrate. There is something so special about sharing a live concert experience with friends, it brings you together because it’s an intimate, mutual appreciation for the musician playing. Though the musicians are only belting out your favourite tunes for a few hours, you’ll remember the concert forever and feel the electric current of the lead singers voice surging through you for hours after they have packed up and left the venue.

Hit the nightclub

The thirtieth birthday is one of the biggest milestones to celebrate after the twenties, so you want to gather all of your friends and family to get amongst the festivities. Because it is your big day, you want to let loose and not have to worry about the house getting trashed, because let’s face it some houses just aren’t designed for parties. This is why hitting the nightclub is such a great choice for a thirtieth. You have full access to all the amenities the night club has to offer, including a flowing bar, you won’t have to worry about the alcohol running out, a big spacious dance floor with great music, and at the end of the night when your feet are tired, you get to go home to that beautiful bed of yours and not have to think about cleaning up the next day.