Top 5 Wedding Cake Questions Answered

One of the most memorable parts of your wedding reception is your wedding cake. Depending on the size of you wedding, your cake could be several tiers high and require several people to transport and assemble the cake at your wedding venue. From how to transport a wedding cake to who cuts the wedding cake at the reception, these top wedding cake questions and answers will help make your special day a “piece of cake”!

How much do wedding cakes cost?

The cost of your wedding cake is almost entirely dictated by the number of guests you want to feed with that cake. Some couples choose to have a wedding cake that allows each wedding guest to have 1 piece of cake. Other couples choose to have a smaller decorative wedding cake to use for the cake cutting ceremony, and a large sheet cake to serve to guests. The size and complexity of the wedding cake are also a factor when determining price. A simple 2-tiered wedding cake for 25 people would have a vastly different price than a 10-tiered wedding cake for 250 people. The average cost for a professional wedding cake in Australia is $500, with prices increasing based on size and delivery location.

How are wedding cakes delivered?

Professionally-baked wedding cakes are most often delivered to your venue by the bakery on the day of your wedding. Arranging to have your baker deliver the wedding cake should be part of the contract and included in the overall cost of the wedding cake. The bakery will most often send two to four people to set up the cake, depending on its size and complexity. It is also recommended to purchase insurance on the transport and delivery of the cake in case of an accident or other unforeseen incident.

How to transport a wedding cake?

Wedding cakes are most often transported by high-ceilinged trucks or vans. Professional wedding cake bakers often have their own delivery services, or they will contract out to other vendors for the delivery of the cake. If the cake is large and complex with multiple tiers, the cake may be transported before it is assembled and decorated. This reduces the risk of the cake becoming damaged in transit.

Who cuts the wedding cake at the reception?

One of the most fun moments of a couple’s wedding reception is “cutting the cake”. Cutting the wedding cake during the reception is mostly for show, with the first piece of cake being cut by the wedding couple for them to feed to each other. The rest of the cake is usually cut by the catering staff of your event and served to guests as part of the dessert course. Some couples also choose to have 2 cakes—1 small decorative cake used for the cake cutting ceremony and photographs, and a large sheet cake to serve their guests.

Why do you save the top tier of wedding cake?

Saving to top tier of the wedding cake is a tradition that started in Britain in the 1700’s, most often with rum-based fruitcakes. The top would be eaten by the couple on their first wedding anniversary or the christening of their first child. This wedding tradition was started as a way to symbolize the couple’s union and the longevity of their future lives together. Some couples also choose to have a decorative wedding cake topper for their wedding cake, such as porcelain or brass figures. These toppers are often saved by the couple and passed down to their children for their own weddings.

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