How To Weather Proof Your Event

You must be expecting the clear blue skies, bright sun and beautiful summer breeze on a green landscape for the ultimate outdoor event but you must weatherproof your special event and you need to consider rain, the wind, and safety of your guests. Mother nature is spontaneous and is the biggest factor but it’s better to be prepared for the weather changes in advance. Especially when you are about to throw a party It is always better to have a backup plan. The plan B against any possible thing that can happen during the event.

Weatherproofing Questions

The best way to prepare is to ask yourself ‘what if?’ for everything you are planning for your big day. If you wish to hang paper lanterns – what if it rains? So, the solution is you should go for plastic or fabric lanterns instead.

What if it starts to rain in the middle of your event?
What if it’s extreme heats for your event?
What if a strong gush of wind comes suddenly?
What is your plan B for alternate weather?
Did you prepare for this in advance?

Here are few tips what you can do to overcome this untidy situation.

Outdoor events are very interesting but your event is exposed to the risk of unknown weather conditions. Extreme heat or wet weather is unpredictable the only thing you can predict and plan is how to minimize the impact on your event.

Event & Wedding Marquee Hire

Marquee hire can be a very helpful option, It is an awesome cost effective idea to protect against any unforeseen weather and your guests stay comfortable as they don’t need to switch between the locations. For the comfort of your guest, you should consider arranging for heaters and air conditioners to help them relief from the sudden cold or hot situation.

Have some spare umbrellas

You don’t want your guests to get wet or burn in the sun. Do you? Yes, it can be fun if they are in the mood to enjoy the rain. But typically no one would like to dance in a pair of high heels or formal shoes and in an expensive attire. You should arrange umbrellas for your guest to not get wet or burn in the sun, as the unpleasant weather may cause your guests to leave for home or have a bad mood on your special day. Your guests are your responsibility, take good care of them.

Tackle Extra Heat

While planning your fairytale wedding you must consider heat factors also, we can’t predict inclement weather. A tent helps with the good amount of shade but that might not be sufficient in the worst conditions, you can look to hire fans and air coolers to beat the heat. You must use air conditioners If it’s an indoor reception as the humidity and crowd can cause your guests feel hot and sticky.
Use scented candles or perfumes to maintain the fresh air.

Adjust The Menu To The Season

Discuss in advance with your caterer or event manager to prepare the food according to the weather on the wedding day. You can offer hot tomato soup, coffee and serve hot food if it’s raining and your guests are cold. On the other hand, if it happens to be an extra hot day of summer then surely no one would like to have warm liquor or heavy red wine, do offer chilled white or rose wine that will keep your guests cool as they imbibe. Offer refreshing snacks and favors like a hand fan or sunglasses.

Executing Plan B

If the weather starts to get crazy before the event begins, consider yourself a very lucky person. Call the Host Events team and your event manager for a meeting and tell them to execute your fallback plan instantly. Everyone must be well aware of what to do and where to go. For example if your venue has both the options of a closed hall and an open lawn and you have chosen the open green lawn, then you can have the hall as a plan B, make arrangements in advance for the use of indoor space or postpone the dinner/lunch for few minutes or half an hour depending on the weather.

Evacuation plan for safety

The safety and comfort of your guest must be the utmost priority, If the weather gets to be more severe and little dangerous you must have an evacuation plan in place, for your guests to exit the venue safely. Every staff member at the event must be reachable and well aware of this plan to show people the right way out of the venue if something like this unfortunately happens. They shouldn’t be running here and there, the fallback plan must be discussed and rehearsed in advance.
Keep calm and be organized everything will soon be fine.

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