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How To Plan The Perfect Wedding Menu

You have found the person you want to marry. Now all you have to do is plan the most important day of your life. In addition to finding the perfect dress, renting a limousine, finding the location, and narrowing down the guest list, you also need to think about the food you want to serve.

While there are many aspects of your perfect wedding that you will remember for the rest of your life, there are only two or three things that your guests will take away from the events of that day: how beautiful the bride looked ( goes without saying ) and how delicious the food was.

To serve a memorable meal at your wedding, you need to hire an experienced caterer.

Catering for a wedding can be done in many different ways. Some couples prefer a buffet while others prefer a plated dinner. Good wedding catering offers both catering methods and all of the in-between options to meet your budget.

We consistently say it’s essential to choose a meal that you and your future partner can enjoy. After all, it’s YOUR special day! However, keep in mind that some foods will not go down well in large quantities.

Not everyone is a fan of fish, and not everyone likes pork. Discuss all menu options with potential caterers to plan a wedding menu that everyone, especially you, will enjoy. For a plated menu, there the popular choice for alternate options are beef & chicken. Though don’t let this scare you into a corner. Barramundi, Duck or Pork is still quite popular. Though the chicken & Beef are a safe bet and helps ensure that everyone can eat the meal they want.

Note, however, that the more options offered, the more expensive the catering will be. Try to keep the ingredients simple – the caterer’s knowledge and experience allow them to prepare a delicious meal using one of your favorite ingredients. You may also want to have a particular dish prepared with the attention of vegetarians or vegans.

The most important preparation you can make before hiring a caterer for your wedding is to try a sample of the food they plan to serve, a taste test. Good caterers will provide a sampling for you and your partner either in your home or chefs kitchen for a tasting. There you have the opportunity to test each menu and see whether it aligns with your vision for flavour. During the tasting, you can refine some menu items and make other changes to the general service. If you like what you taste and are impressed with the catering’s professionalism, book it for the big day.

The caterer will give you written approval, and you will have a deal. The only thing left to do is give the provider an exact number of heads to be catered for once all the RSVPs have been returned. When choosing between two meals, the supplier needs to know how much to do. To reduce waste reduction (and the cost of your final bill), accurate numbers are significant. You don’t want to have too much (or worse – too little) of anything.

But more than anything enjoy your wedding day and hire an experienced caterer for your wedding food service. Your guests will have an unforgettable time, and the delicacy of the meal will be added to those pleasant memories.

Planning The Ideal Wedding Menu

When it comes to narrowing down menu ideas for your wedding, it is essential to choose items that fit your overall theme and, of course, the bridal couple’s tastes. However, when you have guests waiting for something delicious, fried chicken and salad will not be enough.

Although many couples would like to see one or two healthy meals on their wedding menu, it is often more realistic to opt for meals that attract a larger audience. Canapes & Cocktails on arrival, Grazing platters or entrée then a main course, and finish off with a dessert are the best combination for wedding. If you’ve ticked the task of deciding which wedding menu templates fit your theme and are now looking for what to add to your menu, take a look at the following tips:

Starting With Some Tasty Bite Sized Canapes

Have you ever tasted a delicious meal, wishing you could make it smaller? This is the best way to choose which finger foods are best suited for the start of a wedding menu. Do you like a fresh menu consisting of smoked salmon & Herbs Crem Friache or Goats Cheese Tartlets? Or do you prefer a selection of fried items. When it comes to kicking your wedding reception off, it is essential to keep things as simple as possible.

Or Maybe Starting with a Grazing Table

We see many preferences on how to start and we discuss the option with our bridal couple first to ensure we offer the correct starter. If canapes aren’t what you want to kick off the reception with than a grazing table is quite popular. For some weddings we actually have both grazing tables and canapes so nothing is off the table here including adding a few seafood items like prawns & oysters.

Sitting Down to Your Hassle-free Entree

If you’re going with a plated menu, an aromatic entree that consists of slices of fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, and balsamic vinegar (Caprese Salad) or tiger prawns & cured salmon is one of the best appetizers you can offer. Not only are they filling and tasty, but it is also suitable for a broader range of dietary requirements. If you opt for a more rustic wedding, ask the catering company to pay for the salad, placing one plate on each table. Guests can then help themselves to as much or as little as they want.

The main kind of filling

A plated wedding menu of grilled fillet with red wine jus, resting on a bed of truffled mashed potatoes and served with a generous portion of ratatouille sides, is all you need to delight your guests. Or maybe you would like the Barramundi with Carrot 3 ways (a favourite). For diversity, offer guests the option to exchange their red meat for chicken or lamb with an alternative sauce. As long as your main course offers a limited choice and is healthy, you won’t have to worry about someone starving.

Or downplay the formality with a gourmet buffet wedding catering menu of a smorgasbord of mouth-watering proteins, vegetables & salads. A few condiments should always be on offer with favourites ( off our menu ) like fresh relishes, mustards & butter.

Don’t Skimp on the Desserts (even if there’s still a wedding cake!)

A buffet spread with cupcakes, mousses, macaroons, lamingtons, miniature tarts, and cakes is the most fashionable way to display dessert offerings. Although a delicious plated creme brulee always hits the spot, you want your guests to enjoy a slice (or two) of a wedding cake. Please give them the option of whether they would like to order dessert and offer them a choice of a thick slice of wedding cake with tea and coffee.

A simple, delicious and elegant wedding menu is all you need to make sure your guests are well-fed and satisfied. Keep them entertained with an evening full of dancing and holidays, and your wedding will fall just as perfect.