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Food is a major part of your wedding that counts almost 50 percent of your wedding budget. You must think a lot of times and explore all available options before finalizing the best serving style for your special day, as this is a big investment. You would wish for satisfaction when you spend a huge amount on something. Various serving styles have different impact on your budget, many wedding food idea styles can cut down your food cost to a level. Read below to figure out the best serving style for your celebration.

Selecting your serving style

Are you figuring out what food service style will be best for your wedding? Host Events & Wedding Caterers Sydney can help you with any style of food services, various options available are:
  • Buffet service
  • Table buffet
  • Set Menu
  • Stand up/ Cocktail
  • Food stations

Yes! We all love food. The yummy it is, the happy we are! But the taste is not everything. We all look for comfort and style in our food service. Hire Host Events to satisfy the hunger of your guests with extreme comfort and style. We help you choose the best serving style on the basis of your guest count, event theme and budget.

Side Table Buffet Service
A big table, full of colorful and attractive food, dressed and presented well; attracts everyone and fits in almost all kind of events. Be it your wedding reception, birthday party, a corporate event or a

Shared Buffet Service
After the traditional buffet, the shared table banquet buffet is fast becoming a very popular way of serving food at events. This looks like a family style eating arrangement, hence known as ‘family service’ also. This is a menu which is served on large platters in the middle of the table so that everybody at the table can easily help themselves with whatever they want to have. For this kind of service, you will need a server at each table to refill the bowls or to fetch wine and water for your guests.

3 to 6 Course Set Menu
A set menu is perfect for weddings, corporate lunches and business events, it is considered the most traditional and formal option. In this kind of serving, each meal is pre-selected. The plated meal is placed in front of everyone at the table at the same time. Set menus is a good option if you have a low budget for your celebration, you can select the most common food so everyone can have that. The best part is, the service will be quick at very low cost as your caterer will know how much food to purchase.

A la Carte
A la Carte is when you get a menu at your table and you have to let the waiter know of your selection. Just like you order food in a restaurant according to your mood and taste, you can have the things you want. While this style is traditional in restaurants, It is rare at events. This kind of arrangement can be costly because the kitchen has to prepare almost enough dishes of each of the options available, but if have enough money for your guests to enjoy your wedding then don’t think again, go for it!
We all love choices, your guests will love you for this.

Stand up Cocktail Party
Cocktail style reception is a recent trend, earlier it was only popular for the events where the objective behind the event is for people to socialize such as networking events, staff Christmas parties and now this is trendy at weddings also. With this kind of serving style, your guests have enough room to walk to each other and mingle while food and drinks are tray-served around to them by waiters. If your venue is small, the cocktail style reception is the best hack for this, it allows you to have more people since you won’t need dinner tables and chairs for every guest.

Live Food Stations
A live station-style reception is best served when it is in conjunction with a cocktail service. This is one of its kind where the food is spread among different stations in the reception space and cooked live by chefs. The food is prepared fresh and is generally of a size that one serving can be finished in two to three bites or a bit more varying to your select. You can also add some cook-to-order stations where the picky eaters can instruct the chef on how they would like the dish to be prepared. You will need a huge reception space but your guests will surely appreciate the wide variety of dishes.

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