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Planning your event & wedding is your dream day and one of the major steps of your life you will like to enjoy it to the fullest with delicious meals. The cost for a wedding celebration is obviously high and you will be required to manage everything for your big day in the available budget only. Finger food is something that you can do it yourself to cut the budget without cutting the menu The cost of finger foods -even gourmet food will be less expensive than a fully catered meal.

High quality gourmet finger food

Host Events is very passionate when it comes to food. The food is not only something to eat, it is something to be enjoyed. And you really don’t have to be ‘Richie Rich’ or spend a fortune to enjoy the high-quality gourmet food. What makes the food delicious is not the price or name, It is the quality ingredients, simplicity, and mindful cooking. The delicious canapes will make the perfect start to a great celebration. The beautiful thing about finger foods is, whatever be the time of your party you will be able to add it to your menu. It is the best option for a small event of 3-4 hr package, or you can add the delicious finger food as a starter or might be after the mains lunch/dinner you can show up with some dessert canapes. Your family, friends & guests will be impressed with our special cocktail menus with our weddings & events catering service.

From fresh rice paper rolls to sweet chocolate tartlet desserts, there is a big number of options available to fit in your menu. Whether it’s a formal wedding reception or casual; Delicious and simple finger foods are a great way to keep your guests feeling good before all of the action of the wedding begins.

Choosing a finger food menu
When choosing a finger food menu, you must always consider the food with variety in taste for your guests. So that anyone of any taste can enjoy the feast. Furthermore, offering both classic main course and exotic gourmet treats gives your guests a chance to enjoy their favorite food and try on new tastes as sample new dishes. Choose dishes that are stylish and tasteful and can be prepared ahead by using only a few ingredients.
Chat as you eat
Finger food is something that can be eaten when you are on the move and you don’t need a formal seating for this, you guest might love to meet and chat with other guests while enjoying the finger food. The cost effective food allows you to get the food for everyone’s choice. From your finger food menu, someone might try a new thing that he/she avoided or never had before.

Savory Party Canapes

Don’t go for the finger food that requires hours of rolling, baking, and finishing, go for the simplicity and easy to cook food when planning your canape menu.
  • Getting Polenta & prosciutto chips for your party is a yummy idea, it is not like an average potato.
  • Meatballs are another finger food which will be little heavy, you can buy some ready-made meatballs to save time. Go for the ones with hidden cheese in the center of the ball.
  • Another option is cheese straws with soft cream cheese.
  • Jacket potatoes, it sounds classy and delicious. Save the potato wedges for the main buffet and offer the baked potatoes with little sour cream, sprinkle sea salt for taste.
  • Team your favorite cheeses with grapes and pineapple, the handy bite-sized canape is mouth watering.
  • Treat the taste buds of your guests well with a variety of Indian style spicy finger food like samosa and pakora with tomato ketchup.
  • Sandwiches are a good refreshing option for any finger food buffet, a modern twist can be added by using tortilla wraps, bagels cut in half or pieces of focaccia bread with olives or sun dried tomatoes

Selecting desserts

Selecting desserts from a huge menu may be a difficult thing for you. Bring these treats into your wedding for a fun alternative dessert that isn’t your traditional wedding cake.
  • Always ready for cupcakes! A decorated cake stand filled with colorful cupcakes will enhance your buffet table.
  • Miniature desserts are another sweet treat that can be eaten standing up. Bite-sized cheesecakes, and chocolate brownies are ideal.
  • Pies of different flavors like apple, chocolate, blueberry will guarantee there is something for everyone at your wedding.
  • Differently flavored pastries like chocolate, pineapple, mango can entertain the taste buds of your guests.
  • Chocolate mousse in a classy martini glass will be loved by your guests.
  • Beat the heat with individual scoops of ice cream to satisfy the sweet tooth.

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