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Creative Poses for Unforgettable Wedding Picture Ideas

Wedding photographs are an investment in memories that will last you and your family a lifetime. When displayed in the home, wedding pictures not only remind us of the magic of that perfect day, but also of the bond we share with our partner and the commitment we made before our friends and family.

Creative poses for your wedding photographs can be a great way to add dimension and diversity to your wedding album while having fun with your new spouse and the members of your wedding party. The following are examples of poses that can take your wedding photographs from ordinary to exceptional.

Whether You’re Holding Hands

Whether you’re walking hand and hand or resting your hand in theirs during an embrace, close-up shots of hands embraced, fingers intertwined and the bond that has been solidified with wedding rings is a creative way to capture the significance of your vows. A good wedding photographer will capture those special moments.

To Candid Wedding Shots

One of the most creative ways to pose for wedding photographs is to not pose at all! Candid shots are the ideal way to capture, not only your personalities as the happy couple, but the idiosyncrasies and antics of your extended family. From your Uncle Al busting a move on the dancefloor to those tender glances from your spouse when your eyes are turned away, candid shots are some of the most creative elements of a wedding album.

You Just Need To Take the Plunge

If you want to make a splash with your wedding photography, try jumping into a body of water capturing wedding pictures at a Sydney beach in wet clothes. Whether you’re frolicking in a fountain, playing in the waves along the beach or dropping a cannonball into a swimming pool, water poses reflect the fun, spontaneous nature of the couple and demonstrates for guests your willingness to go all-in with your commitment.

Reflect the fun, spontaneous nature of the couple and demonstrates all-in with your commitment.

Into Capturing Ideas Your Wedding Night

Most wedding photographs are taken during the day or at night in an indoor wedding photo locations like a banquet hall. Photographs taken outdoors at can be a great way to capture the sparkle and magic of your wedding day. Posing for photographs in outdoor spaces with lit with candles, lanterns and even sparklers can create a romantic environment that is perfect for capturing those first special hours together as a married couple.

And Getting In On The Action

One of the best ways to pose to add vibrancy to your wedding photographs is to pose “in action”. From jumping as high as you can while holding hands to chasing each other around the garden and giving each other high-fives, active shots capture your personalities and the enthusiasm you share for your future life together.

Including The View From The Top

With the accessibility and popularity of drones, what better way to capture your wedding from a different angle than to take your photography up in the air! With aerial drones, wedding photography is experiencing an innovation and a spin on the traditional. Ask your wedding photographer for location picture shots from above of the bride walking down the aisle or of the wedding party as they toast the happy couple. Any way you look at it, overhead shots of your wedding will add a timeless modernity to your wedding album.

By working with your wedding photographer to integrate creative poses into your wedding investment, you will not only creatively capture the essence of your wedding day, but will also build an album of memories that will last you and your partner forever.

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