Event & Wedding Buffets

Your wedding reception must be like the one that you have always envisioned. Your memorable day must be that delightful; if when someone thinks of a pleasant-tasting food, they remember you for the tasty treat you gave them on your wedding. The presentation of the meal is as important as the flavor, in satisfying your guests. Host Events can help you live your dream, we make your favourite mouth-watering event / wedding buffet while looking like a beautiful work of art so your wedding reception is memorable.

High quality gourmet wedding buffets

A buffet banquet is a delicious idea for any casual event or wedding reception, be it lunch or dinner, formal or casual; it fits in. It helps your guests know each other and get the party warmed up. By the end of the party, someone might find a best friend for life. Buffet makes it easy to create a casual atmosphere for relaxed receptions.

When finalizing the food menu with Host Events, it’s best to focus on the weather, guests, food time (lunch/dinner) and theme of your wedding. There is no right or wrong list of food, you will surely offer the food that your friends and family enjoy. A buffet offers a wide range of food to satisfy the taste buds of your picky eater friends. It also pleases your guests with larger appetites as they can return to refill the plate with their favorite food.

The best in style and variety of buffets is a tempting idea for any special day, your guests will surely love the idea and meal options available. The delicious long tables – full of food is somewhere mouth watering. Don’t wait, contact us now to book the buffet service for your next event or wedding reception.

Traditional side table buffet

The buffet is a great option to provide a variety of food to your guests. A traditional buffet is not so trendy now, but I personally feel it is still a great idea. The buffet consists of large bowls or bain-maries of hot and cold dishes on a side table. The buffet is set up in a way that either you can hire a few servers to stand behind the table and serve up the food or the eaters serve themselves, so that’s where you can save the cost of event & wedding catering staff. But you will still need staffers to tend to the buffet, and waiter to serve water and wine to the table.

Keep in mind that your buffet table must not look like a ‘mess-hall’, it should be well decorated and look tempting for you guests to feel like the food is calling them. While waiting in the queue, your guests will get a chance to mingle and interact with each other. A traditional buffet is very popular in working lunches, conference, office canteens and casual BBQs, where you don’t need to be that stylish.

Shared Banquet Concept

Nowadays, the traditional side table buffet is not exactly trendy, The shared table buffet is becoming a very popular way of serving the meal at weddings, intimate corporate events or staff parties. A shared buffet or generally referred as family style buffet looks same as the scenario when a family goes to a restaurant for having lunch or dinner.

A shared buffet provides a close/private environment where your guests can enjoy sharing the meal together- just like a family. This is a menu served on large platters in the middle of a table (It can be a big round table or a long one that has room for everything that is supposed to be placed) for guests to serve themselves. The buffet is well decorated with the colorful variety of food, the food is re-filled by the servers as and when required. A shared buffet is comparatively comfortable for your guests, as don’t need to walk to the side table buffet to for additional servings.

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