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Andrew Williams
Graz'n Gourmet
"Host Events has been a game-changer for us. Their platform connects us directly with our audience, resulting in quality enquiries. A must-have tool for any event business looking to boost their lead generation strategy!"
Sarah Wheeler
Mobile Booths
"Thanks to Host Events, our photo booth business has seen a significant increase in enquiries. They easily showcase our services to event and wedding planners. Highly recommended for anyone in the event industry!"
Brendan Torazzi
Seacliff House
"Host Events transformed our new venue. They've driven a surge in enquiries, connecting us with ideal clients. An invaluable tool for boosting bookings and revenue! Highly Recommended for suppliers in the events industry."
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So What Is Host Events...?

From our website directory to social media, podcasts & our magazines, our entire community will have its eyes on you. It’s time to get the visibility your business deserves. We work with you and make sure you’re connecting with the right local clients. It’s time to take pride in your services, don’t waste your time on clients who can’t afford you!
  • Be Seen: Get your name on our listings and promote your business to future brides and grooms within your area
  • Stay Social: We use your branded content to create high quality social media posts that generate leads.
  • Get those Contracts: Use our tools to get in touch with your leads and manage your contracts directly on the platform.

Host Events Is The Secret To
Your Online Success

It’s the difference between the 1,929,999 businesses that don’t make money, and the .000000002% that do!

Without Host Events

  • Expensive Advertising
  • Expensive SEO
  • Confusing Marketing
  • Sadness

With Host Events

  • Stream of Enquiries
  • Easy To Promote
  • We Run The Ads
  • Opposite of Sadness
Do You Like Feeling The Opposite Of Sadness?

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40 Ideas for your 40th Birthday Party

Host Events “Attracts” Customers To You!

Host Events will put your business before the eyes of future brides and grooms. We leverage social media, magazines, editorials, search engines and much more to get your name to the forefront of the wedding planning community. Whether on our listings or on their dashboard, you won’t go unseen.
But That’s Not All Host Events Does...

Yes, Host Events Gives You The Tools And Strategies You Need To Market & Sell Your Services Online.

All In One Convenient Spot!
Host Events is.....

Your Lead Generation

Getting exposure used to hard. What would normally take forever can now be done in a few hours!

With Host Events Directory, you can.....
  • Get organic traffic and enquires
  • Market seamlessly through our advertising panel
  • Grow your revenue and scale your business
Host Events Replaces:
Easy Weddings | Bark | Oneflare | Google Ads | Facebook Ads
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Host Events is.....

Your CRM

Managing your leads is great. But engaging with your leads is essential if you want paying customers.

With HostEvents CRM, you can...
  • Recieve enquiries or manually create enquiries
  • Keep notes and contact details
  • Track your lead growth in real time
Host Events Replaces:
Host Events is.....

Your Email Marketing

Being able to followup with your leads is massive when it comes to growing your event business.

With Host Events Email Marketing, you can...
  • Easily create reply emails or send offers
  • Respond automatically to new requests
  • Use Our followup temaples to help convert leads
Host Events Replaces:
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Host Events Gives You Everything You Need To Succeed Online

Plus We Help Customers To Find You!

Business Profile

Get the exposure your business needs

Dasboard Listing

You appear in our Hosts Dashboard

Category Listing

Your Rank in our Category Listing

Local Category

You List in our local category pages for local

Article Listings

Get seen and linked across our articles

Verified Reviews

Getting reviews is a major contributor to growth


Your profile is created with best SEO techniques

Social Media

We do both organic and paid social media

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does it cost to list on Host Events?

    Host Events doesn’t build a list and hope for the best. Oh no… We have an management team and writers who are creating amazing content that attract your market based leads. Furthermore we spend a ton on SEO & Social Media marketing.

  • Do you offer discounts?

    From time to time we may run a promotion. When a promotion is running, the discount is automatically added to checkout unless you have received via email a special promotion which the code will be in your email.

  • How do social ads work?

    We run targeted ads across all social media accounts directly to your page. We will use existing content and images off your page, so nothing more is required from you.

  • Do you offer multiple location listings?

    Content goes here ..Do you have a business that operates over several locations? As we offer the opportunity to expand your business over multiple categories &/or locations for an additional discounted fee of 50% RRP.

  • What is an SEO Blast?

    We have partnered with an amazing SEO company help boast your natural rankings and social proof.